Wednesday, November 15, 2006

OK, I am back from the Business Rule Forum...

...and as usual, I have lots of notes and material and stuff that I don't know when I will get a chance to sift through. I may have more to say in later posts, but for today:

- Business Process Management working in sync with Business Rules Management was the common topic/theme of the conference

- I did my own presentation on "Integrating Requirements Artifacts" which included BPM and BRM with function and data, etc.; got a good response. Again, if you can manage public speaking, and have something to say, submit something to a conference of interest to you, it is great fun...really...

- lunch and sponsored events where you can meet other attendees and exchange info/stories are just as valuable as the conference sessions

- this was my second year at this Forum, and I like it especially because it attracts a mix of both Business and IT people... and the vendors are there too, of course.

- Washington DC is pleasant this time of year, mild with some rain, leaves still in fall colors; being there on election day added some flavour to the week as well. So, not all conferences have to be in Vegas, Phoenix, or Orlando to merit your attention(!)

That's it for now...dww

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